Projects & Initiatives

A pipeline of opportunities await you

This geographically tight knit life science cluster, with its advanced infrastructure and easy access makes it ideal for both national and international projects. We have several in the pipeline that are creating considerable international interest, some of which you can read about below.

Projects & Initiatives in Medicon Valley

Anti-Diabetic Food Centre

The Anti-diabetic Food Centre is a VINN Excellence Centre in Research and Innovation at Lund University. Its mission is to prevent diabetes through innovative food concepts utilising joint venture research and promotion of science-based business activities. The center has been the breeding ground for several new start-ups within functional food.

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Biofilms Malmö University

Biofilms Research Centre for Biointerfaces is a translational research programme covering five research groups at Malmö University. They have a broad expertise, spanning from theoretical modelling to clinical sciences, and a long experience of working with industry.

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BrainStem – the Stem Cell Center of Excellence in Neurology - will conduct research in neurodegenerative diseases over a 6 year period - from 2015 until 2020. They aim to establish a Stem Cell Center of Excellence in neurology (BrainStem) across academia and industry starting in Copenhagen. The key objective of BrainStem is to improve therapy and diagnostics of AD, FTD, and PD by development and application of patient-specific iPSC-derived in vitro and in vivo models.

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BRIC– Biotech Research and Innovation Center

Disease-oriented basic research is the main focus of the research at BRIC. Their overall aim is to contribute to a basic understanding of how and why disease occurs, to discover new disease-related genes, and to identify new diagnostic markers, which are essential to provide more efficient treatment.

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Center for Healthy Aging

The Center for Healthy Aging is a network of research units, most of which are currently located at the University of Copenhagen.  Center for Healthy Aging is a research center that studies how more people can have a healthy life and healthy aging. The approach to research is interdisciplinary and the center studies aging and aging processes from cell to society.

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Center for Nanomedicine and Theranostics

The DTU Center for Nanomedicine and Theranostics develops advanced biomaterial technology and new medical inventions for diagnosing and treating severe diseases. The strong multidisciplinarity of the center allows for research in new biomedical technologies and evaluation of new treatment concepts in vitro and in vivo..

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Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster

Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster (CHC) is a platform for connecting initiatives and delivering new healthtech solutions that address the future health challenges of the Copenhagen region’s growing population.

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Copenhagen Spinouts

Copenhagen Spin-outs is a collaboration between the academic research environment and industry with a focus on innovation and commercialisation of biotech research in the capital region area. In the project we will focus on strenthening the collaboration between universities, research parks and investors to speed up the effort to promote the good ideas from the research institutions and turn them into sustainable biotech companies.

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CopenHeart aims to develop a solid international network of researchers. This network aims to reinforce existing research within rehabilitation of patients with complex cardiac diseases, and spur new research initiatives within the field. This is done to meet the growing demand for integrated nursing and treatment of chronic heart diseases.

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CREATE Health and MAD for Cancer

CREATE Health, the Strategic Centre for Translational Cancer research, and the MAD for Cancer Program is unique in its concept. It brings together several different facets of cancer biology from four university faculties into one multifocal approach focusing on personalised medicine for cancer. 

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LU Bio

LU Bio is also a Lund University initiative in collaboration with private investors. It brings valuable life science research discoveries to investors who have the commercial know-how to start-up a successful business.

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LUDC, Lund University Diabetes Centre

LUDC is a consortium of research groups at Lund University dedicated to unravelling the pathogenesis and treatment of diabetes mellitus. 

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Lund Stem Cell Centre

Lund Centre for Stem Cell Biology and Cell Therapy focuses on stem cell and developmental biology of the central nervous and blood systems. It develops stem cell and cell replacement therapies within these organ systems as well as research into non-mammalian model systems.

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Nordic Connected Health Star Track

Nordic Connected Health Star Track is a project with the mission to identify and support the growth of the best start-ups in the Nordic countries.

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READi for Health

The READi for Health is a project aiming to strengthen regional excellence in the growing area of eHealth through pan-European co-operation.

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The Swedish Innovation Programme for Life Science against non-communicable diseases with the focus on accelerating innovation and collaborative processes in Life Science in Sweden from idea to society benefit.

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