BIO-Europe to be held in Medicon Valley 2018

Europe’s largest biotech conference BIO-Europe will be held in Copenhagen and Malmö in 2018. A contributing factor to the decision was the strong Swedish-Danish cooperation between the private and public sectors.

According to Novo Nordisk, one of the companies that has been involved in landing the conference, BIO-Europe will pave way both for export and investments, and fuel the international promotion and branding of the region.

The news that BIO-Europe will be coming to Copenhagen and southernmost part of Sweden, Skåne, were positively received amongst the stakeholders. Approximately 3600 participants from more than 1900 biotech companies are expected to attend the conference, of which some parts will be located in the cities of Malmö and Lund.

"This is something we have been working on for some years so it is obviously very rewarding news", says Ulrika Ringdahl, Head of Materials and Life Sciences at Invest in Skåne.

"BIO-Europe is a prestigious event and a unique opportunity for the industry in Greater Copenhagen to show our strengths. Almost 75% of the attendees are decision makers regarding investments and co-operations in their respective companies. It makes the conference a marketplace and a showcase with the possibility to establish relationships, agreements and attract international talent. We already have a leading position in the biotech industry but we expect to BIO-Europe to promote our position in the region even further", adds Søren Bregenholt, Corporate Vice President and Head of External Innovation and Stakeholder Relations at Novo Nordisk.

The partners behind 2018’ Bio Europe are, in addition to some of the region’s larger companies, Copenhagen Capacity, Invest in Skåne, Event in Skåne, Wonderful Copenhagen, Medicon Valley Alliance, Malmö Convention Bureau, City of Malmö and Medeon Science Park & Incubator.