Logistics and Infrastructure

Easy access makes business go faster

Being at the heart of Scandinavian life science, Medicon Valley is very well served by a sophisticated transportation infrastructure. Public transport within and between the cities in Medicon Valley is excellent.

Medicon Valley is also well-connected to the rest of the world by air.  Copenhagen Airport servs as the largest airport in Scandinavia with 151 international departures a day and approximately 26.5 million visitors every year.

Downtown Copenhagen and Malmö are only a 15 minute train ride from the airport, and the impressive Öresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden links the region in a dynamic way.  The bridge has united the region and increased workforce mobility between the countries, which has greatly helped the Medicon Valley cluster to develop its attractiveness to inward investment. This will be further reinforced when the Fehrmarnbelt Tunnel is opened between Denmark and Germany opening up road and train access from the rest of Europe.

Medicon Valley locational benefits

  • Air, sea, road and rail transport are interlinked and optimised
  • Highly efficient public transportation system for getting around
  • Leading full-service logistics providers have their Nordic operations in the area
  • Close proximity to a large number of delivery points