Sales and distribution

Medicon Valley forms the gateway to the Scandinavian and Baltic Sea Region and offers several advantages for firms seeking to establish a sales office or distribution centre in Medicon Valley.


The Scandinavian countries form a highly attractive market for pharmaceutical companies. Although in terms of population other European countries surpass Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, nevertheless Scandinavia still has a lot to offer as a market for the pharmaceutical industry. This is due to the unique health care systems in the Scandinavian countries where all inhabitants have access to free health care, ensuring a steady demand for high-quality pharmaceutical products.

Management resources are plentiful in Medicon Valley. Over the last decade more than 100 new biotech companies have been founded and matured. Many companies have left the venture capital phase and are now listed on the stock market. This experience means that many executives have hands-on know-how about all facets of entrepreneurship, IPO´s and sustainable business generation. Furthermore, universities in Medicon Valley offer specialised management programme which guarantees a steady stream of highly qualified management personnel.



Medicon Valley is conveniently located between continental Europe and the Scandinavian and Baltic Sea Region. Consequently the entire northern European market can be served from a distribution centre in Medicon Valley.

Efficient infrastructure ensures that the transport of goods from Medicon Valley is a smooth process. Medicon Valley is home to several airports, including Copenhagen Airport, the largest in northern Europe. Copenhagen Airport has won numerous awards for its high level of service and facilities, and is also one of Europe's largest cargo airports. Medicon Valley is also home to one of northern Europe's largest ports, the Copenhagen Malmö Port.