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Medicon Valley is one of the world's largest exporters of pharmaceuticals

Large-scale manufacturing is undertaken in Medicon Valley and consequently Denmark ranks third and Sweden fifth among the world's largest pharmaceutical exporters per capita. Among Medicon Valley's major companies with production facilities in the region are Novozymes, Novo Nordisk, LEO Pharma, H. Lundbeck and Nycomed.



Setting up production in Medicon Valley
Among the attractive features of Medicon Valley is the availability of sites with the necessary infrastructure such as water, existing sewer system and broadband access. A number of permits have to be granted before a company can start building production facilities and commence production, but the authorities can generally be characterised as both flexible and efficient.

The quality of construction work is high in Medicon Valley, and special competencies within the construction of pharmaceutical and biotech production facilities are found in the region. Validation is critical for pharmaceutical companies and in Medicon Valley this process is short.

Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs)
Contract manufacturing is offered by a number of companies in Medicon Valley. Both sterile and non-sterile products are produced, as are small chemicals such as monoclonal antibodies and large molecules such as enzymes and proteins, the latter being a particular stronghold of Medicon Valley.


Everything in immediate vicinity

Medicon Valley is located at the gateway to the Scandinavian and Baltic Sea Region, and airports and harbours are never more than a short drive away. This makes Medicon Valley a perfect location for the distribution of pharmaceutical products to Scandinavia and the Baltic countries as well as to mainland Europe.

When locating production in Medicon Valley you will also find yourself close to partners and sub-suppliers thanks to the density and breadth of the cluster. Additionally, qualified personnel are in ample supply as Medicon Valley comprises three larger cities (Copenhagen, Malmö and Lund) with at total of three million inhabitants.

All in all, Medicon Valley constitutes a competitive location for the fast set-up of knowledge intensive pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech production.